As you may already be aware, Patrick Corkery is getting ready for a 26.4km swim in Lake Zurich on 4th August. In preparation, he has spent the last couple of weekends travelling to the Cork Distance Week(end) to complete some long open water swims. On Saturday, he completed the Total Body Brain Confusion (TBBC) swim at Sandycove Island, Kinsale. This is a swim where participants start without knowing the course, duration, or feeding intervals involved. It's normally 3+ hours and this weekend turned into 4hrs 27mins (approx. 14k), with just 500ml of water given to swimmers to keep them going!  The blue skies and sunshine helped greatly to keep the water warm and spirits up, though! Sunday saw the 6hour swim. Patrick managed 15 laps of Sandycove Island in 6hrs 13mins (approx20-21k), his longest swim to date! All in, he covered approx. 35km over the weekend.

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